Meet Millie


I am (David) Millie, born and raised in South-Western Ontario. With energy and enthusiasm I welcome every day as a new opportunity to do well and make someone else’s day better. This optimism drives my desire to make my surroundings better, it is what I do. My leadership style draws from this with a focus on the best result for you in the long term. It is the powerful mixture of caring, thinking, and action.

Millie At Home:

At home I am often planning my next adventure or enjoying a well deserved break. You can often find me at London’s indoor climbing gym, running along the Thames Valley Parkway, or around a campfire at Spencer Park singing songs and making memories for our youth. Sometimes I go further than the excellence London offers to find mountainous terrain and test my limits in nature.


Me toeing the start line at the MEC Race 3 in May 2018, St. Julien Park. Photo Credit: S. Cardill