Fighting for You

London has lots of great things about it and it’s time that we allow them to flourish. Here are the key priorities that I’m fighting for.


As inflation makes life more expensive for all of us, we need a city council dedicated to ensuring life stays affordable. To keep property taxes under control, we need new sources of revenue – revenue sources that benefit Londoners in other vital ways. Vacancy taxes, for example, help encourage rent to be attainable for the average Londoner while also providing funding for much-needed social housing with rent geared to income for those in need.


Fully connected cycling infrastructure is less expensive for our city to maintain: wear on these lanes is lower and the equipment required for maintenance is less expensive. With safer streets for walking and cycling, many people could switch to active transportation for some of their trips; families could reduce the number of cars they rely on, and save thousands of dollars each year.

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Housing is a basic need. We have to make sure it’s attainable for all of us. It’s critical that London grows a diverse set of housing options that are affordable and safe. We need Rent-Safe programs, proactive bylaw enforcement on vacant properties, and investment in cityowned housing. I know and you know that we must address the crisis facing unhoused individuals. Housingfirst solutions are our best path forward to helping some of the most vulnerable neighbours in our community.

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Active Transportation

As London acts on our climate crisis plan, we need to prioritize making streets safe for walking and cycling. Ward 13 has the city’s most walkable neighbourhoods, and we can still improve. A fully connected bicycle infrastructure between neighbourhoods ensures safe trips from your home to work, school, or local businesses.  


Increasing the safety of walking infrastructure has added benefits for our neighbourhoods and our citizens. Simple changes like raised intersections and traffic calming increase safety and decrease road noise. We need to prioritize this work around our schools first to build healthy habits from a young age. 

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